Some of the Volunteer Programs and Projects in India

Volunteer work entails dedicating one's time and resources to some the less privileged and the needy in the society without expecting any payment or financial gain in return. India, being one of the most beautiful countries, with a relatively bigger population with most of its citizens living under a dollar a day. The country provides numerous activities for people to exhibit their volunteering skills which is a common and popular trend in the world today. Whether it is serving the humanity, taking care of the wildlife, creating awareness on varied subjects or supporting conservation projects and programs, India is one country that has all these opportunities. There are some volunteer programs and projects that one can support and be part of in India. Find more info about  Volunteer Programs & Projects in India

Being a teacher at the Kerala School is one way of volunteering your services in India. The country tends to have very few schools which have led to overcrowded classes with English teachers being the least in number. Offering to teach English is a perfect way to the children's hearts as well as coaching the children in cricket games.

Contributing in the Kolkata community development project is another spectacular way of volunteering in India. This project involves women empowerment, teaching programs as well as taking care of children. The Kolkata region is a unique place since it is the same spot where Mother Theresa saw it fit to help the less privileged. It is also well known for it regards and love for culture. More info on  Volunteer in India
India, being a country well known for gender inequality matters, gives a perfect opportunity for individual gender activists to empower women. The volunteer can be part of activities that create awareness about the importance of gender equality and equity, teaching the women English which is the main challenge in India, creating the job opportunities and holding regular meetings to discuss their challenges, achievements and just encourage them.

Working with neglected and disabled children is another vital way of volunteering one's services in India. Most poor people fail to take good care of disabled children due to lack of resources. Others just neglect them due to ignorance. Creating awareness and resources for the disabled is the way to go in such communities. It is important to let the people learn that even the disabled have equal rights just like the others and they should be given the special care they need. The volunteer can also organize for supportive resources such as wheelchairs, spectacles for those with eye problems, crutches among others.